Why Losinj Region Should Be On Your Bucket List?

Why Losinj Region Should Be On Your Bucket List?

Why Losinj Region Should Be On Your Bucket List?

There are over 1000 islands in the Croatian archipelago though it is not a popular tourist destination; it does have all the ingredients to become a distinguished holiday spot. Brac is distinct for its stones, Hvar for its long day sunshine, Korcula is where Marco Polo was born and it ideal for windsurfing. Go further north to get the best of lamb and olive oil; Pag is known for sea salt and cheese, Susak is known for its sandy beaches. If you are in Croatia, do not forget to visit Losinj, it is one of the largest in the Croatian archipelago. It is right in the Central Northern Adriatic on the mouth of Kvaerner gulf. Losinj region is known for its
· natural harbor is the shipping hub of Adriatic in the 19th century
· Franz-Josef , the Austro Hungarian Emperor holidayed at the island.
· It is also called the vitality and wellness island.

Despite these advantages, the island is less known and is overlooked for places like Split and Dubrovnik. One of the major disadvantages of Losinj is the lack of runway. The place can be accessed from Zagreb and taking a ferry through Krk. There are chartered light airplanes to the island. These planes fly directly from Venice to Losinj. Another option would be to take a seaplane from Split. The seaplanes have been in existence for quick sometime now but has taken a new avatar, thanks to the Cosulich family run Alitalia funded by the Adriatic seaplane service which was in existence from 1921 to 1943. Today, the European Coastal Airlines has brought seaplanes again to Croatias. The mesmerizing Kornati labyrinth view from 10,000 feet above is completely worth the money spent.

Once you are at Losinj, you can take to sunbath with a chilled glass of Istrian white. With this drink your tiredness of the journey will evaporate. The untouched beauty of the sialdn with its pristine beaches, turquoise water, rugged slops, fine weather and the friendly people reminds you of the postcard image of Venetian fishing villages. The Mali Losinj and Veli Losinj are truly picturesque beauty.

Losinj is rich in herbs and there are over 1,200 aromatic varieties available in the island. Living among the herbs makes you feel healthy. Yet the place is cursed with mosquitoes. The place has modern accommodation yet has thin tourist crowd. If you are scared of venomous snakes, you can be free from fear, making it an ideal outdoor holiday spot. To make your outdoor adventure even better try cycling paths and walking trails running to a length of 250 kms. The indented coastline contains a host of surprises. The island is also renowned for its vitality rests. The combination of sunshine, temperature, humidity and latitude has made the place the healthiest in the Austro Hungarian empire. The Cikat Bay is a natural feature that is worth a visit. The bay is in the shape of a starfish and moves 500 meters over the Cikat moving west to the Adiratic.

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