Beautiful Places To Visit in Losinj

Beautiful Places To Visit in Losinj

Beautiful Places To Visit in Losinj

A Major Stop On Your Croatia Trip – Losinj

At the junction where the Kvarner, Istria, and Dalmatia waves meet, the sole school of dolphins in the Adriatic swim. It is here that Losinj Island is located. A Croatian archipelago, the Losinj is a region that tempts you with its many flavours, scents, and sounds, which are still preserved in their natural state.

Small Harbor On Veli Losinj Protects The Boats From High Waves That Showing The Prosperity Of Losinj.

If you have been planning to visit Croatia or even that part of Europe, keep Losinj on your itinerary. The pleasant Mediterranean climate, the bracing air, and the pinewoods surrounding the island refresh and relax your body and spirit.


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Visiting Mali Losinj For Music, Culture, And History

Beautiful View Over The Town With A Traditional Architecture Of Mali Losinj On A Pleasent Morning In Croatia.

Of the entire archipelago, the biggest settlement is Mali Losinj. Because it is located on the southern tip of the Bay of Losinj, is very easy to reach, which makes it the hub of tourism, commercial and maritime trade. It is also the largest island town in the whole of Adriatic, with about 7000 permanent residents. It is this limited number of people that make Mali Losinj a feast for the senses.

A Beautiful View Of Chapel Annunziata In Cikat Bay.

From the ancient remains to the chapel Annunziata in Cikat Bay, from the gastronomic delicacies to the Austro-Hungarian villas, no corner of the town is to be missed. The plethora of musical, cultural, and sporting events on the island will keep your travel itinerary full.

End The Magical Stay With the Oldest Surviving Statue Of Apoxyomenos

Early Morning View Of Mali Losinj Bridge That Showing The Beauty Of Croatia.

Image Credits To Wedid

As the trip comes to a close, don’t forget to bask in the beauty of the 2000-year-old Greek statue. Made of bronze, it is one of only 7 statues in the world of the athlete Apoxyomenos. Anand, a professional photographer and the author of this article, says that is a gem no one should miss, particularly candid photographers.

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