A Complete Overview On Losinj Island Travel

A Complete Overview On Losinj Island Travel

A Complete Overview On Losinj Island Travel

Losinj is located in the Croatian island and has been one of the most preferred tourist destinations in the region. The place is loaded with all the right ingredients to make your holiday fun and entertaining. Some of the amazing site-seeing in Losinj region is listed below:

The natural reserves, historical sites, beaches, and entertainment has gone to make Losinj an attractive tourist place. Moreover, the island is equipped with modern resorts. Losinj is located close to the Cres Island and is known for modern tourists. Prominent drawbridges connect the place.

Island tourists start with a tour of the historic and cultural locations followed by a walk by the side of the waterfront. There are a large number of restaurants, travel agencies, sea voyages and hotels. The cathedrals and churches are worth a visit and the residential construction and monuments are over 100 years old. You can find the Fritz Gallery in Mali Losink and it is a cultural delight. The famous works of European and Croatian painters donated by reputed collectors find a place at the Gallery.

The island history is inseparable from the sea and the locals regard the sea as their source of income. You can find fisherman and sailors on the Losinj island. The Museum of Kula is worth a visit if you are interested in their fishing history. The museum is situated in Veli Losinj town and have some of the rich and diverse exhibits connected with the sea. Art exhibitions and other special events happen in this museum.

Apoksiomen is the symbolic sculpture of the island. Studies reveal that the first settlement was dated back to the pre-historic age. The statue of the athlete draws to the ancient Greece. The island is growing at a rapid pace and the priceless discovery of the Mali Losinj Museum is worth a visit.

There are a host of health resorts in the island. It conditions in the island is ideal for human health. The air is enriched with minerals and it is considered to be the ideal for human health. The island has a significant cover of pinewood and the island has sophisticated disease prevention technology that saves you from varied illness. Big hotels and spa centers are also found in this place.

If you are an excursion buff, it is best to visit Osorio, an ancient town. It is also called a realistic open air museum. The place itself is an amazing architectural complex. The winding streets and the ruins of the ancient buildings, forts and religious buildings are sure to garner the attention of any tourist. The ruins of the Christian church are popular tourist destination. The villas are fabulous surrounded by breathtaking parks, perfected gardens and pathways for a leisure walk. The town is the destination for festival like Musicales Osorio.

One of the major natural attractions includes Televrina Mount, the highest point in the island. The Cikat Bay is located in the south. The place is infested by rare dolphins, which si the symbolic beauty of Losinj. There are daily trips to the sites where you can closely observe these beautiful species.

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