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This info blog is all about traveling to the island of Lošinj in Croatia. This blog welcomes people to express their ideas, give travel tips and voice their opinions about travel to Lošinj. While people can make comments, provide feedback or give their point of view on various aspects of traveling to this destination, it is requested that people show politeness and manners when doing so. All comments are monitored, and this blog will not permit hate speeches or rough talk. People are requested to use this blog as a platform for discussing ideas on travel to Lošinj. This info blog uses cookies to monitor the web traffic. These cookies are only for improving the services of the site, and therefore it will track your IP address. Any details that are obtained from the visitors are not shared with a third party, and any misuse of data will be dealt with strictly. All data that is collected from visitors to the site are protected, and we go to great lengths to ensure the privacy of our visitors. The IP address is tracked only for the purpose of knowing how many people visit the site and which page is visited often. This blog does not share any details of visitors to anyone, and therefore gives full security to all customer data. If anyone is found harassing others or even stalking others for phone numbers or other details will be blocked from the site. Racist comments are not allowed and making cheap remarks on another religion, race or community will not be permitted.

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