Lodging At Losinj – A Simple Guideline

Lodging At Losinj – A Simple Guideline

Lodging At Losinj – A Simple Guideline

If you are planning to visit Losinj in Croatia, the nearest airport is Rijeka Airport, it is situated in the island of Krk. Form Omisalj you can get a bus to Losinj. You can also reach the place by ferry. From Rijeka to Losinj you can take the Kapetan Luka that operates daily. It is a high speed catamaran. From Pula to Losinj you can take Jadrolinija, a catamaran that travels via Losinj to Ilovik and Silba. From Zadar to Losinj you can take the Jadrolinija, it is a car ferry service. From Susak to Losinj you can takeJadrolonija, a local ferry line.

Mali Losinj is home to some of the exciting waterfront, monuments and aquarium. The city attracts a host of tourists and they come here to experience the small town delights. You will be surprised to know that Mali Losinj has over 99 accommodation in Losinj region
of various types. The airport that is close to the place is located 31 miles away from the city at Pula. The next closest is situated at Rijeka 42.9 miles from the city.

Sightseeing destinations in Mali Losinj
The city is renowned for its landmark churches like St Maria Magdalena, Monastery of St Francis and Our Lady of Good Health. The natural beauty of the island, Male Srakane and Galboka beach is worth a visit. To this add the Port of Nerezine and Old Olive Mill. There is no dearth of accommodations in Mali Losinj as there are over 99 lodging in Losinj region that meet your budget requirements. Some of the top hotels that have garnered the attention of reviewers include:
· Hotel Bellevue comes with a spa service, bed and breakfast and an indoor restaurant. Travelers love this location. The Cikat Bay view makes this hotel a star attraction.
· Vitality Hotel Punta is a 4 star hotel with two outdoor swimming pools, a spa and free Wifi. The hotel gives you the loveliest view of the island.
· Hotel Aurora is again a 4 star stay with a spa, two restaurants, free Wifi, bed and breakfast and excellent beach view. It is one of the best places to stay put during your venture at Losinj.
· Hotel Alhambra is a sea view hotel with two villas combined into a modern building.
· Hotel Vespera is a family hotel and is located on the island.

What to wear in Mali Losinj?
· From January to March the day time temperature is around 58 degree F and during night time it is 35 degree F.
· From April to June, the average temperature is 81 degree F during day time and 44 degree F during night
· From July to September the average is 84 degree F at day and 55 degree F at night
· From October to December it is 70 degree F in the day and 37 degree F in the night
· The average rainfall in Losinj is put at 1.34 inches per year
· July to August is the hottest month where the temperature is 82 degree F while January to February is the coldest with an average of 36 degree F.

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