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This is a site that provides information for traveling to the Lošinjregion in Croatia. Croatia happens to be on the travel map of many tourists because it is known for its Mediterranean feel, its quaint streets and its sapphire blue waters on its coast. One of the most famous islands of Croatia is the island of Lošinj. What makes this place unique is that it is a forested island, and is known for its remarkably beautiful pebble beaches. The Venetian traditional fishing villages are colorful and a sight for sore eyes. People who want to go for walks or go cycling have lots of walking or cycling paths. What makes this island even more interesting its climate. Lošinj has an environment that is both warm and temperate. The months from June to September are relatively warmers and are considered to be the best time for tourists to come. This island also happens to have a Jazz Festival in the months of July and August, and are known for welcoming musicians from both the local and international scene. Other lovely tourist destinations in Losinj are Veli Lošinj and Mali Lošinj. While many people do not know where they want to go when they think of a tourist destination, it is a good idea to go to new places where things are relatively serene and quiet. Lošinj has the feel of an ideal tourist destination because it is the perfect combination of peaceful waters, natural scenery and along with an international feel in terms of music.

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